Tuesday, December 2, 2014

From Other Blogs

To prepare for writing a blog, I went online and read posts from various blogs about game development or dame design. There was a general pattern throughout all of the blogs I visited. The blog would have a large, central theme, such as reviewing other games in detail, giving advice about how to develop a game, talking about various aspect of game design, or talking about how games improve the world we live in. For each blog I found, this was a very wide theme with plenty of room to explore and a lot to talk about.

Each post within each blog was also very self contained. Each would cover a single element stemming from the blog's overarching theme. For example, a blog about how games improve the world we live had a post about a certain charity organization related to gaming, and a post about how the writer treated recovery from a minor brain injury as a multiplier, while blogs about game development had posts giving advise about particular elements of developing games. Every post would have a title which would summarize what the topic of the post would give a clear indication to the reader as to whether the post might actually interest them, as opposed to some blogs I have seen elsewhere with "clickbait" titles meant to draw readers in by not telling them what the article is actually about ("See What Happens When You Mix Coke and Milk. Play The Video to Find Out!!!").

Based off the blogs I have seen, it would seem that the most appropriate way to organize this blog would to be with an overarching theme of "Principles of Game Design" and have each individual post go into detail about a particular principle. Each post would be completely self-contained, but relevant to the entire blog.